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Dave’s commentary, trade alerts and customer service are outstanding....his work stands out above the crowd of his competitors

Matthew Cicero • Senior Vice President, Investments


No doubt Dave is in our small FX Hall of Fame.

Francisc Riverola • President & Founder,

How you can execute a solid trade in 5 minutes...

Dave Floyd, November 15, 2021

Hi, I'm Dave Floyd.

Here’s the brutal truth about Trading:

Nobody will magically find you and help you become a better trader.

You actually have to take action... which is hard, because there is no shortage of information and data (often conflicting!) when it comes to trading and investing.

And we, as professionals, have busy lives just like everyone else.

So we have limited time to make solid trading decisions... decisions that possess the proper analysis and set-up. Decisions that are based on technicals and fundamentals, and have a solid WHY behind them.

Some people trade frequently and quickly using their experience, algorithms, or gut instinct. They think, "If I just stay on top of these trades, one is sure to be a big winner."

Some people are more thoughtful and diligent. They read everything, look at all the data and charts, and wait for the perfect set-up. This takes a lot of time.

Depending on the person and their level of expertise, either strategy can work. But it doesn't solve the problem of time and information overload. There's rarely enough time and the right decision is not always apparent...

So what's the alternative?

You need clear, concise information. Reliable information that has been distilled from many sources so you can be confident in your trade execution.

I can make it easy and straightforward by sending you actionable trade recommendations right as the setup is primed. These land in your inbox and txt messages, letting you know it's time to execute the trade. When I see the right conditions, you're the first to know and you can be in the market within 5 minutes.

It's that simple. I do the research and analysis, you execute the trades.

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