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A native of Lancaster, Massachusetts, Dave earned a BS in Economics from Northeastern University in Boston and landed his first gig in the trading industry in 1993 when he joined the fixed income & FX desk of Standard Chartered Bank. The following year, his focus shifted to equities, and he spent the next eight years trading on a proprietary equities desk. In 2002, wanting to venture out and build his own trading desk, Dave started his own niche FX firm and the seeds for Aspen Trading Group were planted. Since then, Aspen has grown from a pure prop trading firm into a provider of expert FX research and analytics to both institutional and retail clients worldwide.

David’s two decades of expertise in technical analysis and global fundamentals has led to him being profiled on RealVision TV, where he is a regular contributor, Bloomberg, CNBC, Active Trader & Futures magazine. Dave’s vision helped Aspen rank in the Top 10 for Currency Managers for Net Return in 2015 tracked by Barclayhedge. In 2010, the company was nominated for Technical Analyst of The Year. To remain at the top of his game, in 2011 he was accepted to and entered the Executive MBA program at Oxford University in Oxford, England. This allowed him to learn and rigorously test some of the best known financial models and see how they stack up in the real world of finance and trading. Additionally, the knowledge gained on how to scale and run a business coupled with an impeccable alumni network allowed Dave to take Aspen Trading to new levels. In his free time, he enjoys golf, mountain biking, futsal, skate skiing, reading, and good wine.


I have known Dave Floyd since 2004 and my experience with him and his company Aspen Trading has been outstanding. Dave has been one of the best collaborators of FXStreet.com since the early days, always willing to jump on board to any initiative we could come up and always outperforming the rest in providing top quality content and education. No doubt Dave is in our small FX Hall of Fame.

Every year I average around $4 to 6K net profit by trading the Forex markets. I catch every single trade with you but also do a few trades on my own – and I do it all on modest $8K trading account.

Mohammad Naim

Aurora, IL

With limited knowledge on trading forex, Aspen had made it very simple to trade with their Trade Copier program. Dave follows the markets very closely, sending mini commentaries, and places trades on my behalf. It could not be easier to earn a good return.

Francisc Riverola

President & Founder, FXStreet.com

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I’ve been with your service since I became an “Aspenite”. Not only do you make some great calls for live trades but your detailed analysis and your webinars are truly educational.

David Steel

Bedfordshire, UK

I would like to express my gratitude for all your time and effort with Aspen Trading Group! I finally feel I have found a home with you after the 2.5 years I have spent learning and growing in this industry. I am gaining confidence and conviction in such a short time with you. I'm looking forward to the seminar in August and I hope to have some one on one time with you to lay out my plans and goals. I am finally truly excited to understand that I will achieve these goals for myself, my children, and give my Mom a boost in her retirement. I did invest in the stock market and did well briefly, but I love the Forex. I am willing to learn more about stocks, options etc. from you. Again, my gratitude for all you do. I look forward to the seminar & some one on one time with you!

Sharon P.

Hemet, CA

You guys are amazing at what you’re doing, the methodology is simple to follow and well thought out. I don’t think that any company out there can do what Aspen does. It’s a pleasure to be a client. With best regards. – Lavr Chernov Volgograd, Russia.

Lavrenty Chernov

Volgograd, Russia

I see many of these types of notes from you over the last few weeks/months which perhaps says that newer clients are being impatient about summer trading or the amount of trades in general. Can I just say, that I have tried so many services out there. Some were based on curiosity and others because I felt they would complement my own trading style - however by far your service beats them all hands down. I know I have been and off and on client for a number of years now however I am a guaranteed Forever Aspen Client now. Your approach and style have not only made me more money than the other services, but most importantly with the message you’re conveying in this note below, there is the ‘how not to lose money’ factor. I guess I just wanted to say - thank you for your service. I am truly grateful to be a part of Aspen and perhaps you don’t get as many of these emails as you should!! All the best.

Josh H.

Ontario, Canada

Since becoming an “Aspenite”, I have learned to love the world of Elliott Wave Analysis and Fibonacci as it applies to foreign currency markets. But the key to being a successful, disciplined forex trader is Aspen’s concept of Inter-Market Analysis, I.P.A., as well as their risk management philosophy. Aspen has been excellent in their dedication to providing in-depth analysis on not only their active trades, but to other potential trades as well. The knowledge I have gained as a subscriber has allowed me to be a profitable part-time trader. Above all, Aspen’s honesty and transparency in their performance results have proven that they are solid company with whom I am proud to be a part of.

Kevin Jackson

Nederland, TX

A quick thanks for providing such great FX trading services & all of the insights that come with it. I've paid for other gun-slinging services in the past (entertaining, yes) but profitable, not so much. I run my own business so this is the perfect way to stay involved in a conservative fashion. And at the end of the day/week a positive pnl provides better entertainment for me. Thanks again

Ian M Kinnaird

Folsom, CA

Every year I average around 4 to 6 k net profit from Forex. I am sure I catch every single trade with you but then I few trades on my own. I don’t trade on a huge capital only 8 k account. We are pretty heavy invested in Gold and Silver for long term. Most of it is all bullion coins and bars which our parents give it to us as a wedding present. Lana owns few stocks over the years and it has been more then double in value. Forex is a part time fun for me, as you know I have a full time job with Lexus which I absolutely love. Lana is an accountant and she is doing very well in her company.


NaimAurora, IL

* Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Because the risk factor is high in the foreign exchange market, only genuine “risk” funds should be used in such trading. If you do not have the extra capital, you should not trade in the foreign exchange market. No “safe” trading system has ever been devised, and no one can guarantee profits or freedom from loss.