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  • I have known Dave Floyd since 2004 and my experience with him and his company Aspen Trading has been outstanding. Dave has been one of the best collaborators of since the early days, always willing to jump on board to any initiative we could come up and always outperforming the rest in providing top quality content and education. No doubt Dave is in our small FX Hall of Fame.

    Francisc Riverola President & Founder,


FX trading requires thoughtful analysis and forecasting. Our approach is rooted in examining price action, macro economic trends and quantitative analysis to see what others may miss. We don’t trade for entertainment; we trade to grow our portfolios. It’s as simple as that.


Thousands of  investors manage their own stock, option and ETF portfolios using our active, flexible, and objective stock alerts. Our analysis and trade recommendations are designed to hedge risk and provide consistent growth.


After decades of conducting data analysis and research, we have created powerful algorithms for 9 major markets. Since the ATSU’s launch in early 2016, clients have seen above average returns.

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