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Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace precision with Aspen Tradingā€™s S/R Levels.

Objective Insights, Tangible Results

In trading, objectivity is paramount. Our S/R Levels are derived mathematically, eliminating subjective guesswork and providing you with clear, actionable insights.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Imagine having a tool that highlights key price levels on your charts, where the market's attention is focused. With our S/R Levels, you'll have the competitive advantage that comes from understanding market dynamics like never before.

Trusted by the Pros

Our S/R Levels are not just another indicator. They're a proven solution relied upon by seasoned traders and large market participants alike. Join the ranks of successful traders who leverage our objective analysis for consistent results.

Unlock Profit Potential

Stop leaving your trading success to chance. With Aspen Tradingā€™s S/R Levels, you'll have the perfect combination of objective analysis and market insight to unlock your full profit potential.

Experience Confidence in Your Trades

Trade with confidence, knowing that your decisions are based on objective data, not subjective opinions. Aspen Tradingā€™s S/R Levels empower you to trade smarter and achieve your financial goals with clarity and confidence.

Available for TradingView and MotiveWave

Monthly subscription: $60

Annual subscription: $595

ALL sales are final and will auto-renew unless canceled before renewal. No pro-rating or refunds.

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Aspen’s S/R Levels are available on TradingView and MotiveWave Software

Aspen's S/R Levels for TradingView
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