Aspen S/R's In Action

Trading knowledge is gained by analyzing trades and set-ups before and after the trade is placed. This forum will serve as an archive on how to use the S/R's for entry and management.

EUR/USD + Aspen S/R's = Uncanny Trading Opportunities

tag1 Aug 07, 2023

Ahead of The August 10th CPI Report, any S/R clients looking at EUR/USD knew that 1.1062 was a significant overhead resistance level. The level had been there for weeks....not an unknown level or rear-view mirror analysis. Prices immediately rallied +50 pips and stopped dead at 1.1062. Below is what I posted to clients just just after the CPI released:

Morning Folks.

The CPI report is offering up the first tradeable opportunity in FX. EUR/USD into 1.1062 stopped prices dead in their tracks.

Selling into that was one option; how prices react from here will be the next opportunity for traders.

If you had these levels on your charts already (nudge nudge!) - you'd already know about this and likely have reacted!