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Our award-winning stock trade alerts and analysis are your most reliable ally in building wealth in your stock portfolio. With timely and specific alerts, we provide you with an easy-to-follow roadmap to better investment results without hours of tedious research.


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Why is Aspen Trading Different?

Trading is not about being perfect. It’s also not about being psychic. You can’t always predict where prices are going, but to be a successful trader, you do need to get in sync with the market and learn how to let trends reward you.

This is what Aspen Trading can teach you.

We have over twenty years of incredibly successful trading experience in Stocks, Futures and the Forex – our trading methodology works.

Not convinced? We offer a money-back guarantee.


Make money with our Forex Signals in 90 Days or less… or your money back!*



Get alerts sent directly to you, when you need to know. We do the heavy lifting for you.


With Trade Copier, trades that coincide with Forex Alerts will be automatically executed for you. 


You not only benefit from our experience, but also from our partners to provide a full suite of services.

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You guys are amazing at what you’re doing, the methodology is simple to follow and well thought out.  I don’t think that any company out there can do what Aspen does. It’s a pleasure to be a client.  With best regards.

Lavrenty Chernov

Volgograd, Russia

Top 10 Reasons Why Traders Fail - White Paper10 Reasons Traders Fail

Every trader’s goal is to be set apart from the crowd and avoid losing money. To be one of the few who consistently succeeds in trading, avoid making the following ten mistakes…


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* Money back guarantee terms are as follows: only NEW TRADE ALERTS & Weekly FX Forecasts issued by Aspen Trading’s FX Services are measured for profitability. No other comments, charts or suggestions noted in the Aspen service(s) are considered NEW TRADE ALERTS. At the conclusion of your 90-day membership the NEW TRADE ALERTS, as calculated by the entries and exits published in Aspen’s service, will be totaled to determine the gain/loss. Offer available to new clients of Aspen Trading only and only on the service levels noted above.