Why is Transparency so Rare in the Trading Business?

Question: Why is transparency so rare in the trading business?

Answer: Because very few traders actually know how to trade profitably.

Let me be clear: There are few barriers to entry in becoming a ‘research or trade signal provider’. Anyone with a slick marketing background is instantly “an expert”.

Here’s what you see……...

“Download my FREE report that unlocks my TOP trading set-up.”
“I was working at a dead-end job, and then I discovered this little known trick.”
“With this technique that I can teach you in a few hours, I made more in a month than I did a whole year working.”
Please Stop! This is nauseating and a blight on an industry that I love and have been involved in for over 20 years. Did you ever notice NONE of these folks post a track record or manage money?


I have ZERO concerns about being completely transparent about what I am focusing on and trading….there will be winners and, yes, some losers however at the end of the day, month or year there is more money in the trading account.

The images below are what you should be seeing in terms of promotional material, not slick slogans and ‘3 simple steps’ nonsense.

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Aspen Trading Group | Trading Guide
Aspen Trading Group | Trading Guide

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