Ask Dave: Which reputable trading brokers can you recommend?

Question: I enjoyed reading your article titled ’Why is transparency so rare in the trading business?’ ; it is one of the reasons I stepped aside from trading; the other being concerns about brokers. Which reputable trading brokers can you recommend from your experience?

Benedict M. – Islington UK

Answer: The good news is that the regulatory environment has caught up and there are far fewer ‘shady’ operations out there nowadays.

At this point it really boils down to which brokerage firm is going to provide you the tools that you need: trading costs, platforms, leverage etc etc. It really is a question of tailoring that fit for you.

My friend and colleague, Justin Hertzberg of Forest Park FX is an Introducing Broker for nearly all of the major and reputable firms out there. He and his staff can quickly and easily assist you in finding the best fit for you. Additionally, he can also assist in finding a solid futures trading broker.

Additionally, they offer cash rebates on your trading volume….a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. I have a page on the Aspen Trading web site that will get you connected…see below.

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