Webinar: How To Navigate These Tricky Stock & FX Markets (recording)

If the volatile S&P’s have you a bit unnerved and bit out of synch…..I get it.

These types of markets can be a real challenge if you have limited experience dealing with them. But don’t worry, I have lived, thrived in fact, during phases where price action gets a bit unruly. That is where experienced traders can really shine. In this week’s webinar I provide you with some key insights you need to see/hear so you can start looking more like this:

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

Let’s face it, in a trending market, it does not take too much skill to generate returns in your trading account. Even sloppy entries get ‘rescued’ as nearly all the dips are bought.

Well, what a difference a few weeks make. The trending nature of the market seems to be a distant memory (thankfully). And while that might be welcome news for seasoned traders, it can create some challenges for those unfamiliar with this type of back and forth price action.

This week’s webinar tackled this issue head-on and offers you a practical plan on how to navigate this environment as well as a few trade ideas.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • The S&P’s remain a trader’s market. The rally off the Feb lows may be nearing the end.
  • A weaker USD (Dollar Index) appears to remain intact overall….but we could see a modest bounce higher
  • Trade set-ups in 10-year notes and LOW

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