Technical Analysis: A Resource Guide


Hi Dave,


I follow your regular updates on Real Vision which are very informative, but would like to know what your recommendations are for the best way to learn Technical Analysis?

I’m comfortable with Macro & Fundamentals, now want to start connecting the dots with technicals to fully integrate with the markets.

Keep up the good work.

Darren G. – United Kingdom


Thanks for the question.

I am really glad you brought this topic up. I think it is really easy to get locked into a ‘one or the other’ mind set what it comes to trading and investing. People either identify themselves as a fundamental or technical trader. Less common are those that use both. But I do see that on the rise in recent years.

I have always thought that choosing just one approach, call it the one dimensional approach, is rather limiting. That said, here are some resources I would highly recommend you check out and find a technical approach that works for you.

For those that want to get a really good foundation and take a deep dive into technicals, fundamentals and quantitative analysis, you should plan on attending the Trader’s Round Table here in Bend Oregon in October. Two and half days of in depth presentations and round table discussions all aimed at making you a more effective trader/investor.

Lastly, you cannot be a good technical trader without a great charting platform. I have been using MotiveWave since it was launched over 7 years ago and highly recommend it to anyone. (The timing of this post is good as MotiveWave is having a Summer Sale with 20% off most of their platforms.)

Hope that helps.

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