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New Trade Alerts

Aspen’s NEW TRADE ALERTS are the result of my thorough analysis of the FX and related markets. On average, you will receive 4-6 trades per month; trade duration is several days to a few weeks.

Position Updates / Trade Management

This is how Aspen differentiates itself. Knowing how to manage and adjust trade parameters, such as stops and price targets, is paramount. We notify clients from the onset of the trade to closure. You are never left to figure it out on your own.

Technical Forecasts G10 FX Pairs / Crosses

Throughout each week I will highlight technical trade set-ups and often explain the macro and quantitative rationale behind why they should be considered as viable trade set-ups. You will never be short on trading opportunities as a client of Aspen Trading.

Tactical Trade Recommendations

Aligning our clients with the dominant macro themes and robust technical set-ups (versus a simple buy and hold strategy) is where we add value. Executing  12-16 trades per quarter we make it easy for clients to manage and stay on top of the markets with minimal disruption to their daily life.

Option Specific Strategies

Sometimes an idea is simply best expressed via options.

We keep it straightforward. The purchase of calls/puts, and bullish or bearish spreads, are the primary strategies we employ.

Technical Commentary

Once or twice a week I provide a solid overview of the S&P’s and other notable major asset classes.

The intent is to educate clients as to how I am seeing the market and more importantly how I intend to manage positions.

If you’re ready for comprehensive, game-changing analysis, I invite you to request an invitation…