Trading Workshop – London 2018

Join Us Wednesday, May 2nd For a Half-Day Trading Workshop!

If you share 5 hours of your time with me in beautiful London, I will share with you the framework and clarity you need to vastly improve your trading.

This half-day event is packed with valuable information that you can put into action immediately. And the best part is that you will be learning my trading approach with real-time data. No charts from 5 years ago that show how “brilliant” I was buying the bottom and selling the top.

Make An Investment With a Great Return

Our results speak for themselves….over the last 4 years the average return of the ‘Alpha Trades’ has been 25.70%….on a $25,000 trading account, that is $6,250 a year. This FAR EXCEEDS the cost of you spending $500 for the workshop.

how the afternoon will unfold

  • My laptop and charting platform opens and away we go…’s time to look at charts.
    Imagine that after the presentation, the concept of Elliott Wave and technical analysis is CLEAR and you now can quickly get the lay of the land on a chart.
  • How does the fundamental and quantitative backdrop look? Does it jive with the charts?
    I will show you ALL of the additional resources I sort through in order to come up with a well rounded trade idea….and more importantly how YOU can do it, too
  • Analyzing the major asset classes. Grasp where the S&P’s, rates, gold and commodities are heading.
  • Using valuation analysis to refine trade selection.
  • Position sizing and stop-loss setting and the concept about draw-downs.

Leave the Event With 20-25 New Trading Friends

Trading independently can be isolating. Everyone needs interaction and support as a trader. We have designed this event to be a relatively small and tight-knit affair so all attendees can ask questions, engage with each other, network, and build relationships.

Your Learning Continues!

So… absorb all these new strategies at the event but what happens when you walk out the door?  We know what happens! You get hit with life… deadlines, family obligations and so on and everything you gleaned can get pushed to the background. We understand this, so how about 30 days of trading support after the event?

Additionally, even if you took copious notes and dedicate the time, once you are staring at your quotes, charts and order entry platform….you might still be a little unsure.

For these reasons, each attendee will receive:

  • One month of free access to Aspen’s FX & Stock Alerts. (a $195 value)
  • Entrance to a private webinar in July for London attendees in which I will address questions, review material and facilitate a robust dialogue

My service shows you WHY and HOW I am making the trades as well as the precise parameters to enter and manage the trade….from start to finish.


I will also have two of my friends and colleagues there as well presenting their insights:

  • Kai Pflughaupt @MacroTechnicals – former Institutional Fixed Income Trader will be discussing how he combines Macro and Technical Analysis to generate robust trade selections.
    • Examining macro reports like ISM, Global PMI’s, credit spreads, yields, VIX etc etc to assist in determining inflection points in the markets
  • Brad Simpson – Aspen Trading Group – Using Valuation Analysis to sift through the noise and identify stocks that are best suited for long…..or shorts.

Registration Details

  • The workshop will be held at the historic Dukes Hotel London in the lovely neighborhood where Mayfair meets St. James, located just around the corner from Oxford Street and Buckingham Palace. The workshop, to be held in the St. James Suite of the Dukes Hotel, will begin promptly at 1pm on Wednesday May 2nd will conclude at 530pm with cocktails.  Your registration fee includes all conference content and activities as well as entrance to the cocktail hour following the event.
  • For those of you who will be traveling we have secured a block of rooms at a significant discount- £340.00BB inc VAT or £325.00 room only inc VAT. reservations can be made by calling Dukes hotel directly at +44 207-491-4840. Mention Aspen Trading at the time of your reservation.  Please note that rooms are limited and are on a first come basis. We have a small number of rooms reserved for May 1 and a dozen rooms for May 2nd. All reservations need to be made by April 15th.

** PLEASE note the venue is small. On the plus side it allows for everyone to not only ask questions, but to engage with others, network, and build relationships. It also means space is limited so do not delay in registering. **

Register For London 2018

** Terms: The $95 to secure your spot is non-refundable. The $495 is refundable, minus 20%, anytime prior to April 8th. After that it is non-refundable. People unable to attend due to a family emergency or verifiable illness will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Typically, we credit part of the fee to a future event.**