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  • I have known Dave Floyd since 2004 and my experience with him and his company Aspen Trading has been outstanding. Dave has been one of the best collaborators of since the early days, always willing to jump on board to any initiative we could come up and always outperforming the rest in providing top quality content and education. No doubt Dave is in our small FX Hall of Fame.

    Francisc Riverola President & Founder,
  • I am a relatively new subscriber to Dave’s service, but in this short time I can tell that his work stands out above the crowd of his competitors. Dave’s commentary, trade alerts and customer service are outstanding and I look forward to leveraging his work in my personal trading endeavors for a long time. I appreciate his discipline with regard to risk management and following his setups have made my personal efforts much more effective. I look forward incorporating an active trading strategy along with my overall portfolio and believe that they will complement each other, not only in terms of potential reward, but managing downside risk.

    Matthew Cicero Senior Vice President, Investments
  • I am now in year 3 of my trading journey and have established some good foundations in so far as discipline and approach are concerned. I also remain very busy with demanding work commitments - the day job. Your service enables me to achieve two goals at once. First, I save a lot of time with you leading the way to high-quality setups. Secondly, and most importantly, it's your style of guidance and communication. You have helped me learn to be a better trader while still feeling like I am operating within my own decision-making process. Specifically, your commentary is concise and in simple language. The tone of your guidance is supportive and clear without being overly directive, encouraging me to continue to develop my decision- making processes.

    Chris Davidson London UK
  • Dave, You nailed the move lower in the S&P’s on Feb 28, 2018. I am glad I tightened my stops on ADI and other holdings this morning. Now we have cash when this market bottoms. Great work as always! Sincerely,

    Justin Sumner On Mark Asset Management