Dave, What’s Your Take On EUR/GBP?

Hello Dave,

Hope you are having a great day. One of my favorite pairs is the EUR/GBP ( short right now).

Price almost took of the 0.8866 a few day ago. I think it was 0.8862. Is your count on the pair still valid with a target sub 0.8700 or so. The EUR/GBP has been tough to track lately. Kind of a range trading.


Gaven S. – Vancouver Canada


Great to hear from you….and yes, EUR/GBP can be a great cross to trade but the last few months have been a bear for sure. Sideways chop has made it tough.

However, I still think we break lower based on the overall price structure, but timing the end of a correction, as you know, is very tough.

Here is my take on the near-term:

And the longer-term.

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