Dave, How do you distinguish between trades and analysis?

Hi Dave

I am doing the trial period, and notice you mention the NZD/USD trade. But it seems the position has not been officially opened by you (NEW TRADE ALERT), as it does not appear on the OPEN POSITIONS.

Please advise whether this should be opened or what I should do here?


Ettienne – South Africa

Thanks for the question Ettienne.

The services here at Aspen Trading are designed for both novice and experienced traders alike. To carry that out there are 2 main features:

  • Clearly outlined trades (NEW TRADE ALERT)
  • Analysis and research that both supports the NEW TRADE ALERT but highlights other trading opportunities as well.

Every trader has their own views on what makes a solid trade and I attempt to highlight several views and scenarios that clients can then deploy in their own day to day trading. Just because something, in this case, NZD/USD, is not rolled out as a NEW TRADE ALERT, does not mean it is not valid.

Clients need to use their own discretion and select the portions of the service that best suits them. This is not a ‘follow blindly’ service. It is designed to provide well thought out content that adds value to YOUR overall approach. A second set of eyes if you will.

Hope that helps,


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