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Take the mystery out of placing your next trade.

  • With the Daily Market Forecast (DMF) you will know exactly what side of the market to be on (long or short) as well as the key technical levels that will alert you to take profits, place stops, and maximize returns. 
  • Each day after the New York market close you will receive an email with a clearly laid out table that provides traders with all the information they need to know on a broad base of asset classes
Monthly $49
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Get easy to follow forecasts & key levels

No Hassle

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Take control of your trading - for only $1.22 per day!

Easy to understand

One email each day informs you with everything you need to know before placing your next trade

Clear, actionable advice

We do all the hard work for you: define the trend, alert you to key technical levels and provide some additional commentary.

Stay focused

With the DMF you only focus on the same few instruments each day. Focused traders are far more likely to succeed than the ones who are not focused.

Chasing the ‘hot’ stocks is never part of a professional trader’s game plan.

Watch your trading account grow

Aspen Trading has a long history of providing its clients objective and effective trading advice. It’s time you joined us and watched your account grow.

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