Choosing A Reputable Forex Broker


Hello Dave!

First of all, I want to thank you for being available for my questions!

I live in Portugal, and it’s kind of hard to find an honest opinion about a broker in Europe… can you help me with that?

If in Europe, who would be your FX and Stock Broker? Please note I don’t know how to trade options… (is there a good beginners book on the subject?)

What about Brexit? Is the Brexit trade still on?

Thank you once again for the knowledge and inspiration!!! I Love your videos on Real Vision TV!!! 😉

Ricardo O. – Lisbon Portugal

Ricardo – thanks so much for reaching out.

I will want to get with you through email or phone regarding Portugal and an upcoming visit we are planning. Hopefully we can chat shortly on that.

To your questions.

  • For an FX Broker, I can’t think of a better person to discuss/explore this with than my friend Justin Hertzberg at Forest Park FX. He will get you set-up with a broker that is not only reputable, but one that will best serve your needs as a trader. Reach out to him here: I am sure Justin will also leave comments at the end of this blog post too.
    • Here is an interview I did with Justin a couple of years ago
  • I don’t know about stock brokerages for European clients – hopefully one of our readers will offer up a few suggestions.
  • Good option book to get up to speed? Only one in my opinion – The Options Workbook: Fundamental Spread Concepts and Strategies for Investors and Traders
  • Brexit? I really have no idea how everything will play out. Even if I did, nobody knows how markets will react. Trade the price action and leave the ‘what if’ scenarios to the talking heads who don’t know how to trade anyways.

Hope that helps,


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