Markets Change. Aspen Trading Clients Adapt & Prosper

To generate robust returns in the market, you need to be tactical. There are always short and medium-term trading opportunities throughout the year. Identifying and executing them is where we deliver value to our clients.


Tactical Trade Recommendations

Aligning our clients with the dominant macro themes and robust technical set-ups (versus a simple buy and hold strategy) is where we add value. Executing  12-16 trades per quarter we make it easy for clients to manage and stay on top of the markets with minimal disruption to their daily life.

Option Specific Strategies

Sometimes an idea is simply best expressed via options.

We keep it straightforward. The purchase of calls/puts, and bullish or bearish spreads, are the primary strategies we employ.

Technical Commentary

Once or twice a week I provide a solid overview of the S&P’s and other notable major asset classes.

The intent is to educate clients as to how I am seeing the market and more importantly how I intend to manage positions.

We don’t trade for entertainment; we trade to make money. Delivering comprehensive, thoughtful analysis to smart and motivated people.

It’s as simple as that.

  • I just wanted to let you know how impressed I’ve been with your service since I became an “Aspenite”. Not only do you make some great calls for live trades but your detailed analysis and your webinars are truly educational.

    David Steel Bedfordshire, UK
  • Every year I average around $4 to 6K net profit by trading the Forex markets. I catch every single trade with you but also do a few trades on my own – and I do it all on modest $8K trading account.

    Mohammad Naim Aurora, IL


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Simply login to your secure dashboard from anywhere in the world. Our members-only platform provides up to date activity, alerts, trends, performance and much more.


Stay focused on work or daily tasks without missing a trade with our pop-up window running in the background of your desktop, laptop or iPad.


Whether your at the office or on a run, our SMS alerts ensures you won’t miss critical trades at even the oddest hours.

We don’t trade for entertainment; we trade to make money.
We provide thoughtful analysis and Stock / Options alerts to smart people. It’s as simple as that.

  • You guys are amazing at what you’re doing, the methodology is simple to follow and well thought out.  I don’t think that any company out there can do what Aspen does. It’s a pleasure to be a client.  With best regards. – Lavr Chernov Volgograd, Russia.

    Lavrenty Chernov Volgograd, Russia



* Money back guarantee terms are as follows: only NEW TRADE ALERTS issued by Aspen Trading’s Stock/Options Service are measured for profitability. No other comments, charts or suggestions noted in the Aspen service are considered NEW TRADE ALERTS. At the conclusion of your 90-day membership the NEW TRADE ALERTS, as calculated by the entries and exits published in Aspen’s service, will be totaled to determine the gain/loss.