Post-Election Trade Ideas in FX & Stocks

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NOTE: this was the report sent out to Aspen clients on Friday November 11, 2016

FX Technical Outlook

Good morning traders.

Let’s take a look at the Dollar Index (DXC) this AM.

First, as the daily chart below shows the path is clearly higher for DXC in the days and weeks ahead.

If we look simply from a ‘relative strength’ perspective, using this pull-back in DXC should allow for good entries in USD/JPY (longs) and EUR/USD (shorts). Both of these pairs ‘outperformed’ DXC by .70% (EUR/USD) to as much as 2% (USD/JPY)

EUR/USD – an opportunity to go long and then short

USD/JPY – setting up for a powerful move higher. Just strap on your seat-belts as this one (aka The Eye Gouger) can be unforgiving.

Back with updates later.

I am still looking/considering shorts in AUD/CAD and AUD/USD.


Stocks/Options Technical Outlook

Traders, there are a couple of trades that are on radar. Let’s take a quick look at them from a technical standpoint.

The other consideration is that what is labeled Wave a above might be a smaller degree ‘a-wave’ of a larger ‘abc’ correction….like this:

  • Long FCX?

  • Short HYG

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